More about my experience in business and in life

My Career Experience

Out of college (University of Houston) started in Engineering in the Oil & Gas Industry in Houston and have had the pleasure to work in the Technology Industry for the majority of my career.  Started at Intergraph in Huntsville, Alabama in 1982, when the company had annual sales of $150 Million and when I left in 1992, the company had a very successful IPO and annual sales were over $1.2 Billion.  I have also worked at early stage startups and have worked for Fortune 500 firms like Oracle and IBM, mostly in Sales and Sales Management positions, including Vice President of Sales.  I have started two previous companies, one which was purchased and the other is still going, where I serve in an advisory role.  I have been a career coach to hundreds of professionals and a recruiter in the Technology and Supply Chain industries for years.  I have always worked for companies and in roles that I was completely happy with.

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Life, Marriage and Dating Experience

I had a wonderful experience as a child in a lower middle class family, fishing and hunting with my dad, played in the Band in Middle School, played Football in High School, Tennis for San Jacinto College, prior to University of Houston.  Put myself through college on my own, with no loans or family assistance, San Jacinto, U of H and later attended continuing education at University of Alabama in the early 80’s.  Was happily married most of my 22 years of marriage, maybe not so much the last few years, hence divorce.  I was divorced and in the dating world for 9 years, before finding the love of my life and in that time helped and coached hundreds of men and women on their journeys with their divorce, dating and relationship development.  I did notice a common theme, that most men and women were confused, frustrated and many times upset at how messed up the other sex was.  I have developed a plan and a process that worked for me and I believe it could help you on your journey.  My wife and I have been married for over 2 years now and spend every minute of every day together and we both could not be happier!

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