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Collaborative Career Service

Our Collaborative Career Service™ provides you a new approach!

  • 16 hours
  • 995.00 / month
  • Online

Service Description

Our Collaborative Career Service™ provides you with an effective partner through which to conduct an organized and effective search for your next professional position. Likened to a Buyers’ Agent in real estate, I will represent YOU to potential employers at no cost to the employer. As compared to traditional coaches, outplacement firms and other industry-generic and high-cost career search companies:  I will be involved with you throughout the entire process as a coach, recruiter and partner – this is Hands On!  I am an experienced Technology Veteran - we understand the industry, the companies, the jobs!  The entire process is built around your personal and professional goals. It’s not just about the resume. I will stay involved to collaborate and re-direct your efforts as appropriate.  This model is results–oriented to ensure you spend your time and energy focused on getting the best job for you – not just any job - in the shortest amount of time.  Collaborative Career Service™ removes the traditional Recruiting Model Barrier that inhibits recruiters from successfully placing candidates. I can present you to anybody - not just our traditional contingency clients.  We have the experience and know-how to effectively “market” you, perhaps better than you can market yourself. We know how to effectively introduce candidates to improve the probability of getting that first interview.  I will teach you how to do it all for yourself. I will be actively working myself out of a job! I am so confident that the value proposition of this service will bring you back, when the time comes for your next move.

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